3 Tips to Help Prevent Diabetes

Many people do not expect that they are going to have to deal with diabetes in their lives, but they end up dealing with it anyway. There is type 1 diabetes, which generally people have to deal with from childhood on. Most of the time, if someone has a diagnosis of diabetes as an adult after a history of being healthy, it is type 2 diabetes. A doctor can help you manage your diabetes in the best way possible.

If you do not know a lot about diabetes, you might have any questions about this disease. For example, you might wonder, if I am diagnosed with diabetes, is it possible that other adult diseases could develop? What is the most common type of diabetes? What are some complications due to diabetes that I should know about? What are some common conditions caused by diabetes? What are some dangerous symptoms of diabetes of which I should be aware? Even if you do not have diabetes, it would be a good idea to learn more about it, just in case you ever have to deal with it someday in yourself or someone you love. A doctor can answer these questions for you in most cases.

A vascular test on legs is vital for those suffering form difficulty walking, pain in the legs or muscle cramps. If your legs are weak or heavy or have a cold sensation or burning sensation then a vascular test on legs should be performed. A vascular screening on your legs can show early signs of peripheral vascular disease. Screenings including glucose screening, cardiovascular screenings, hypertension screening and other medical screenings are necessary to pinpoint and spot problems early so they can be treated accordingly. A vascular test on legs screens for a condition that is commonly associated with Diabetes. Read below to see some helpful tips for preventing diabetes with a healthy lifestyle.


Exercise is vital for the body to maintain weight and keep your heart healthy. Without proper exercise the body cannot properly function. Physical activity has shown to be beneficial for long term health. Along with this the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other diseases is decreased when physical exercise is integrated into a healthy lifestyle regimen.


We’ve all heard sweets can be bad for you and should be limited, but having a healthy diet goes far beyond limiting sweets in your diet. Diets should include nutritional foods that are minimally processed and low in calories. Fats should be eaten sparingly. Instead opt for more nuts, fruits and vegetables and more fiber rich foods. Avoid sugars and salt as much as possible.

Bad Habits

We know they are bad for us, but we continue to use them. Cigarettes and alcohol can wreak havoc on your body and cause issues later down the road. Smokers are twice as likely to suffer from diabetes related conditions and alcohol causes a host of problems including weight gain and high blood pressure. There is nothing good about either, so opting to avoid them altogether is the smartest choice.

Some diseases are more prevalent now then they were years ago. Today Americans over 50 have alarmingly higher rates of diseases such as diabetes when compared with their parents generation. This could be a combination of genetics along with a lack of the above tips to live a healthier lifestyle. Even if you don’t suffer from diabetes, living a healthy lifestyle still has benefits for everyone old or young.


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