5 Treatable Causes of Lower Back Pain

Many people are living with back pain that goes untreated. In fact, statistics show that nearly 40% of people who suffer from lower back pain never end up seeing a doctor or therapist for their conditions. If left untreated, certain back conditions can become worse. Therefore, it’s always wise to seek a professional medical opinion while dealing with this problem that can come from many different occurrences. With that in mind, here are five common causes of lower back pain treatable at an urgent care facility.

  1. Automobile Accidents

    Unfortunately, many automobile accidents occur each year. In certain situations, car accidents can leave those involved in the aftermath of these situations dealing with injuries. When two cars collide, this tends to send the body forward. This sudden motion is known to cause car accident victims to experience lower back pain.
  2. Lifting Heavy Amounts of Weight Improperly

    Statistics show that 40% of people who suffer from lower back pain exercise to seek relief from this problem. Unfortunately, those who are unable to utilize proper form while working out often injure themselves. In turn, this can result in exercise creating lower back problems. You can prevent this by ensuring you practice proper form and lift weights that your body is able to handle.
  3. Injuries Relating to Falling

    Throughout life, people can slip and fall for a wide variety of reasons. Whether in the home or out in public, it’s important to avoid situations that could you leave your lower back in pain. In many situations, your tailbone can become damaged as the result of a fall. This often leads to experiencing lower back pain.
  4. Bulging Disc

    Not all causes of lower back pain are related to a direct injury. In some cases, spinal discs can begin to bulge outwards. This often leads to someone feeling pain from this condition. It’s wise to visit an urgent care clinic in order to find out from a medical professional about your situation.
  5. Depression and Anxiety

    One study found that 69% of adults in the United States said that lower back pain affecting their everyday lives. Considering that, sometimes stress can cause feelings of depression and anxiety to take place in your life. Those suffering from depression, anxiety, or both conditions often experience worsening pain or painful conditions that recently started. An urgent care clinic can help you find the right type of medical treatment in order to help cure you of your anxiety and depression.

In conclusion, there are several common causes of lower back pain. Considering that, many people living with back pain have their conditions treated by visiting an urgent care clinic. This helps you ensure that you don’t have to pay expensive emergency room bills. In addition, urgent care facilities are known for their ability to treat patients in a fast and efficient manner.

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