An interview with Aleksey Shlyakhta, CEO of Breathe Slim, Inc.

Breathe Slim, Inc. began marketing it’s BreathSlim product three years ago and has experienced many ups and downs since. We talked with the company’s CEO, Aleksey Shlyakhta, about his experiences.

Mr. Shlyakhta, what made you choose to start Breathe Slim, Inc.?

I recognized an opportunity to introduce a proven product to the American public.

That’s pretty straightforward! Did everything go as planned?

We did not expect to have so many difficulties in selling Breathslim in the weight loss segment. That was a major mistake.

What made you feel as though it wasn’t working out?

When we marketed Breathslim as a weight loss device, we did not expect to have competitors bash our product in such an aggressive manner.

That must have been very disheartening. Were there times when you wanted to give up?

Yes, but every single positive customer review of Breathslim gives us the motivation to keep going.

It’s good to hear that you’re approaching your business with a spirit of perseverance. Where do you see your business going in the future?

Within the next year, we want to improve our online sales and online presence. In five years, we’d like to see Breathslim being sold in most major retail stores, and in ten years we hope to be distributing new respiratory products.

Breathe Slim, Inc. is located at 1368 Busch Parkway in Buffalo Grove, Indiana. For more information about the company and its Breathslim product, visit




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