An Interview with Jacqui Dunal of Naturel Collagen Canada

For four years, Jacqui Dunal, owner and president of Naturel Collagen Canada, has been marketing a line of natural collagen supplements and skin care products to a worldwide consumer base. We sat down with her to talk about the earliest stages of her business experience.

Ms. Dunal, what prompted you to start Naturel Collagen Canada?

I started Naturel Collagen four years ago, even though the website states three years. I spent one year experimenting with the products before I had the web site built and started selling. Once I saw the difference in my complexion and had an overall good feeling about my body as I was taking Colvita, the natural collagen supplement taken orally, I decided that it was time to market and be a part of this unbelievably effective product line. People would stop and ask me what I use to have such beautiful complexion, and, needless to say, I had a business card ready and became a walking testimonial for a line of products that I truly believe are effective and that really work.

What was your experience like during that first year of product testing?

The first time I used natural collagen on my skin, my skin was so tight that I was not able to speak. So, I called the manufacturer to find out what was wrong with the product. The answer was that my collagen was so depleted that I needed to continue using the collagen for a while before the tightening disappeared and my level of collagen was brought to a manageable condition.

My goodness! It sounds like your product must practically sell itself! Have you run into any major challenges so far?

Since I am a one woman operation, I have to do everything by myself. This means I have to be very organized and meticulous and provide a comfort level to each and every customer I get either online or through referrals. My customers have to be satisfied with the information I give them and I have to be able to substantiate all the claims that I make.

Naturel Collagen Canada is located in Thornhill, ON at 891 New Westminster Drive. Learn more about the company’s products at or by emailing

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