Choosing a Seat That Matches Your Riding Style

Riding a bicycle is extremely beneficial for your health. In addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight, cycling is great for your heart. A study from the British Medical Association found that the chance of developing heart disease was reduced by 50% for those cycling 20 miles each week. However, it’s hard to reap these benefits while riding in an uncomfortable bike seat. If you’re experiencing pain while riding, your seat is the likely culprit. Considering that, here’s the right type of bike saddle for three kinds of cycling.

  • Commuters

    States across America have seen a 46% increase in those commuting by bicycle since the year 2005. This makes sense, especially while thinking about the cost of owning and fueling an automobile. Many using their bicycles for commuting purposes ride average distances. While these cyclists use their bikes frequently, they’re not necessarily traveling long distances. These types of riders often utilizing cruiser saddles. Commuters aren’t typically traveling at fast speeds, often placing the majority of their weight on the seat. Cruiser saddles have ample padding throughout the entire seat, allow these cyclists to travel comfortably.
  • Distance Riders

    Statistics show that there are over 1 billion bicycles throughout the world. With that in mind, people use their bicycles for a wide range of purposes. Certain people use their bicycles for distance riding. Considering that, these riders need bike seats that offer both comfort and shock absorption. Fortunately, comfort saddles help distance riders avoid both of these problems. These types of bike saddles typically feature a narrow nose with a wider seat area.
  • Speed Cyclists

    Others will prefer to use their bicycles for racing purposes. These types of cyclist ride with their weight near the front of the bike. This has to happen in order for these riders to travel at fast speeds. With that in mind, the most comfortable bike seat for these riders is a racing saddle. These types of bike saddles have more padding in the nose area, where speed cyclists place most of their weight.

In conclusion, there are several types of bike saddles available. How you’re going to use your bike helps you determine the right kind of seat to choose. Many riders prefer to own anatomical bicycle saddles. These saddles conform to the shape of your body. This allows you to ride comfortably, no matter where you’re traveling.

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