Chronic Lower Back Pain Visit an Urgent Care Clinic to Learn More About Your Treatment Options

Many adults within the Baby Boomer generation experience one or more chronic conditions. It has been estimated that six out of every ten Baby Boomers will need to manage some type of chronic condition by 2030. One of the reasons for this is that some Baby Boomers aren’t as physically active as they could be. A recent survey found that one out of every ten only engage in a few days of physical activity every month.

Lower back pain is just one chronic condition that can affect an individual’s daily life. Approximately 69% of Americans have reported that their lives are impacted by lower back pain. Even though many people suffer with this chronic condition, roughly 40% aren’t seeking the assistance of a physician or physical therapist. In some cases, individuals that suffer with this type of pain may exercise in an attempt to relieve it. This is the case with four out of every ten individuals.

Physical therapy may make a difference for many adults that suffer with lower back pain. In many instances, physical therapy can alleviate or otherwise assist individuals with pain management. Furthermore, it also has the potential to increase mobility so that they are able to be more active on a regular basis.

When patients receive early physical therapy for their lower back pain, it can also make a difference in their overall medical costs. A study showed that these costs were $2,736.23 less for patients that chose this treatment route. Given this, it makes sense to learn more about physical therapy options for lower back pain.

If you suffer with low-back or other types of chronic pain, have you considered visiting a local urgent care clinic? Urgent care medicine is a growing specialty, and there are currently 20,000 physicians that practice within this field. The Urgent Care Association of America reports that approximately three million patients visit these medical walk-in clinics every week. Since 85% of these centers are open throughout the entire week, they are a convenient option. Urgent care clinic visits also cost less than traditional hospital emergency room visits. As a result, receiving treatment is much more affordable.

Once you visit an urgent care clinic, you’ll be able to meet with a physician or physician’s assistant to discuss your lower back or other chronic pain issues. At that time, you can learn more about potential treatment options, such as physical therapy. Another benefit of visiting the nearest urgent care clinic is that many of these facilities have physical therapy equipment on site. Rather than endure chronic pain, seek medical attention at an urgent care clinic near you.

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