Eliminating Back Pain Disability through Digital Pressure Algometer

Current statistics from the medical industry indicate that low back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the world. In the United States, a huge number of people are experiencing back pain and are at the risk of becoming disabled if such pain is not addressed within a short period. However, dealing with back pain is a complex task that requires comprehensive medical tools and equipment. In an industry that is struggling to cope with chronic disorders, back pain has emerged as another disaster waiting to happen.


Testing Back Pain


The problem lies in back pain testing, which can only be done by an algometer. This is a muscle testing machine that is specifically designed to check pain thresholds on the back of an individual before treatment can be administered. Medical experts highlight that the only way to stop disabilities arising from back pain is by use of advanced functional assessment equipment such as digital pressure algometers. This article, therefore, focuses on analyzing the benefits of digital pressure algometers and how they help in dealing with back pain.


1. Automatic Strength Test


One of the most important strategies of dealing with back pain and back pain disability is by testing the strength of back muscles. Most of the people who have previously been diagnosed with back pain and disabilities associated with back pains demonstrate huge weaknesses in overall strength. Therefore, any person who has increased tendencies of back pain should undergo a strength test.


Digital pressure algometers offer automatic strength testing, which means that one can quickly determine their overall strength. Initially, manual strength testing was the norm, yet did not yield reliable results. With the use of a digital strength testing machine, diagnosing a person with back pain is seamless and has significantly improved the treatment process.


2. Computerized Range of Motions


One of the outstanding ways of dealing with increased back pains is understanding the range of motions of the back. Most areas affected by the back pain are muscles, which tend to contract or expand when responding to painful conditions. However, a physiotherapist cannot fully understand the range of motion of a patient with a naked eye.


Digital pressure algometers are changing the entire sphere of understanding muscle pain in people. This has allowed physiotherapists to handle the pain that most people with back pain experience. Testing the range of motion of these muscles is one of the strategic ways of diagnosing and dealing with back pain, which has been enabled by this equipment.


3. Understanding Pain Thresholds


It is common to experience pain in the body due to fatigue, lack of sleep, and increased physical activities. Most of the people who are heavily involved in physical occupations experience back pain. Although that means they are vulnerable to disability, the pain is way below the threshold that can trigger the immediate need for a physiotherapist.


Treatment for back pain is only supposed to start when the pain reaches a particular threshold. Digital pressure algometers help in determining the pain threshold that needs the attention of a therapist. Due to this, back pain can be treated before it becomes worse and unmanageable. Algometers have made it possible to determine whether an individual is experiencing pain due to fatigue and whether he or she is vulnerable to disability.


4. Fast Muscle Treatment


As highlighted earlier, muscle problems and muscle pains (especially at the back of the body) have forced a considerable number of people into wheelchairs. Any person who experiences extreme muscle pain is likely to be disabled if the situation is not brought into control immediately. With advanced tools, it is possible to diagnose the muscles with the problems and provide an immediate solution.


There is no doubt that back pain has proven to be one of the leading causes of disability in the world. However, strategies and policies have been formulated and implemented to reverse this trend. The innovation of digital tools and equipment is helping in dealing with muscle problems and offering the best solution to back pain and associated problems.


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