Everything You Need to Know About Fertility Center Testing Procedures

Fertility center testing is a simple procedure that involves a few visits to the fertility doctor, where the patient’s blood tests and ultrasound tests are carried out. Although a few women are scared to consult a doctor, thinking it may be ineffective, it is essential to note that the procedures are very successful since they allow them to achieve a healthy pregnancy.
The fertility center testing usually involves a blood test to determine Anti-Mullerian hormone levels when a patient has concerns about their fertility.

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An AMH test provides a decent sense of how many eggs they still have.
Another reason people are reluctant to have fertility center testing is the assumption that it is expensive. Fortunately, many patients have discovered after their visit that their insurance companies cover some tests and treatment options.
Patients also learn that the procedures not covered by their insurance are affordable. It is a source of pride for the Houston Practice, which offers modern technological fertility testing at a reasonable price.

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