Foley Catheter Supplies

Foley catheter

The most common material used for catheters is silicone, because silicone does not have a bad reaction to body fluids, nor does it create any problems with medical fluids as well. The most common type of injury that causes people to need Foley catheter supplies is spinal trauma, according to research done by the Journal of Bone and Join Surgery. A significant amount of military personnel that served in Iraq and Afghanistan have experienced spinal trauma. In fact, around 5 percent of military personnel in these areas need Foley catheter supplies because of a spinal injury that was obtained while deployed.

Patients who are sensitive to latex cannot utilize catheters that are made from latex. The good news is there are plenty of different types of catheters that are available on the market, including latex free catheters. Finding Medicare catheter suppliers is accomplished online, but it’s important to get familiar with Medicare catheter coverage. Around 90 percent of people who’ve experienced a major spinal cord injury are discharged and allowed to return to home. These individual’s will need access to Foley catheter supplies, or other types of catheters that are available on the market. There are also self catheter supplies people can use as well.

Around 25 percent of all spinal cord injuries are directly related to falls and accidents during sports. Self catheterization supplies vary in price, depending on the type, manufacturer, and the supplier. Reading reviews on the web about Foley catheter supplies is a great way to discover the best type of catheters that are available. Some catheters are designed to be cleaned, while others are designed to be used and thrown away. Catheters that are used and thrown away are less likely to cause urinary infections like catheters that are reused over and over after being cleaned.
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