From One Floor to the Next

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A self taught engineer named C.C. Crispen first invented the stair lift in the 1920s. He built the prototype to help a friend of his that was sick and struggling to go between floors in his house. The idea has since become very popular as their are many people who need help getting into and out of places. Simple inventions, like the wheelchair ramp Virginia, can make a huge difference for people who do not move as well as they used to.

Whether a person is permanently disabled, temporarily injured, or just getting older, mechanisms that help them to function in society are becoming widely used. New inventions have led to the wheelchair lift virginia so that people in wheelchairs can enter vehicles and drive. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration) has many regulations for mobility and motor vehicle manufacturers.

Inventions like the car lift Virginia and stair lift virginia can improve the quality of life for people. Simple ideas, such as the wheelchair ramp Virginia, can make life a lot easier for people who are not very mobile. The inventions do not even have to be too over the top. Most stair lifts, which are also called stair gliders and chair lifts, use rechargeable batteries.

Little things can make a big difference for people who are not as mobile as the average citizen. Even a wheelchair ramp Virginia can ease the difficulty that disabled or elderly persons would have in entering a building. Continue:

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  1. My Grandpa could definitely use some of this stuff. My brother has been talking about building a ramp to help him get up the three steps he has into his house for a couple of years now. Luckily, he does not have an upstairs.

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