Functional medicine Is Taking Over

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Functional medicine is preventative medicine. It is a combination of Eastern and Western styles of medicine that help prevent further problems or illnesses but also helps solve the current issues that a person might be suffering from. The preventative measures often help find underlying illnesses. They are also helping bring health care costs down as people are being treated for symptoms before they are full blown into something worse.

Take for example headache treatment, many people just take either an over the counter or prescribed drugs for their headache. In functional medicine, the doctor might prescribe something for the pain, to help get the person through the day, but will also find out what is causing the headache or migraine. Finding out what is causing the ailment, such as allergies, tension, etc. Once the root of what is causing the headache is found, then treatment can begin before more serious issues occur. These doctors are not just looking for the quick fix of drugs to help a person out, but they want to find the cause and elevate that.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness that be debilitating if not controlled. Fibromyalgia treatment is also find its way into functional medicine treatments. Such things as stress reducing activities such as yoga and massage therapy are being prescribed as well as acupuncture to help reduce the pain and fatigue a person feels when suffering from fibromyalgia.

Back pain treatment as well as neck pain treatment are also using similar techniques as those who suffer from fibromyalgia. Stretching, massage and yoga are great ways to relieve the tension, pain, and chronic pain. But also chiropractors are being seen more to not only help those that are currently suffering but also those who what to prevent future neck and back ailments. A chiropractor will be able to adjust the person’s neck or back to help those not already suffering from chronic pain but so others won’t have to suffer through that. A lot of times health insurance will also help with the cost of seeing a masseuse or chiropractic Virginia Beach if it is related to a pain management program.

Functional medicine seminars are popping up all over, to inform people of the ways to not only treat chronic health issues, but to also stop more serious illnesses from developing. Creating healthy living and eating habits as well as keeping your body maintained is the way East is meeting West in the way of functional medicine.

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