How Can You Get Your Marijuana Card From a Doctor

Many people wonder how they can get a marijuana card from a doctor. The first thing they should know is that they need to find a marijuana doctors office. This is the office of a practitioner who is not against the use of marijuana to heal certain ailments.

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The next thing to do is for the person to prove that he or she has an ailment that qualifies him or her for a medical marijuana card. Examples of some conditions that may qualify for such a card are conditions like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, HIV, PTSD, and ALS. Anxiety, lupus, Lyme disease, and such conditions may also qualify a person for medical marijuana.

The individual must obtain a copy of his or her diagnosis to qualify for medical marijuana. A medical professional will not prescribe medical marijuana based on an individual’s word. That person will have to have official documentation about the illness. The final step is to find a provider in the area who will write the prescription for medical marijuana. Not all doctors will do that. Thus, a little bit of research may be necessary for the person who wants the prescription. He or she should be able to obtain medical marijuana after doing those things.

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