How my parents’ couples retreat saved my marriage

Canmore relationships counselling

Last year my mom and dad went through a difficult spell. They needed some marriage counselling Calgary to stop them from breaking up. Can you imagine, after 32 years of marriage that were ready to walk away. It wasn’t until the went to a couples retreat that they figured out that splitting up wasn’t want they wanted to really do, but they needed help to figure it out.

As much as marriage counselling Calgary sounded like it would be a nightmare, it was my dad who ended up getting the most out of it. The man doesn’t talk about his emotions. It took me a lot of my own relationship counselling Calgary to figure out that I was like my dad in this respect. Damn heritage was getting in the way of my relationship with Earl.

When Earl and I got married we knew that the day might come when we talked about divorce. As every young couple, we vowed to try to make it through the rough times to make our relationship last. Here we are two years later and we’re already in marriage counselling Calgary and imago therapy.

The stigma of Calgary marriage counselling took a while to break down. I mean, yeah, marriage counselling Calgary is pretty commonplace nowadays, sure. But there was something that made me think that we didn’t need marriage counselling Calgary. Was I ever wrong. And it was dad who made that clear. He told me that if I ever wanted to have a long term relationship with Earl that I was going to have to commit to getting help as soon as the signs started showing. I was puzzled by this because it took 32 years for him and mom to get marriage counselling Calgary. Turns out he had been actually paying attention to my emotional leanings all along. How could he avoid it when I was so much like him?

I’m letting this out into the open for the world to read about now because something has changed between Earl and I since finding couples counselling Calgary. Our renewed commitment to each other has turned out to feel like we just fell in love for the first time. marriage counselling Calgary helped me fall back in love with him. Marriage counselling Calgary is helping us make a path to a long life together that we had really only dreamed of.

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