How to Avoid Hearing Loss

Many of us assume that hearing loss is a natural part of getting older. While there is truth to this, many of us are unknowingly damaging our hearing every day. Without taking a hearing test to establish a baseline, we often don’t realize that we are losing our hearing until it is too late. Are you losing your hearing? In this video, you will learn why you might be.

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Your ear has sensory hair cells within the inner ear. These cells are connected to nerves that transfer the sounds signal to the brain where it is translated into sound. These hairs and nerves can actually be damaged from prolonged loud noise. For example, listening to loud music through your headphones will destroy these hairs and nerves over time. In fact, any volume of noise can damage your hearing if heard for long enough. The thing is, quieter sounds can be listened to for much longer than loud sounds. If your hearing becomes damaged, you may start hearing ringing in your ears. Eventually, you may even need a hearing aid. So how do you prevent this hearing loss? Make sure your headphones or earbuds are not turned up too loud. Also take breaks from listening to music. If you are going to a concert, bring earbuds to use. Your ears will thank you in the end. Lastly, schedule an appointment to have your ears checked periodically.


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