How to Find a Local CNA Job and Make More Money

Certified nursing assistants are entry-level positions in the healthcare system. Oftentimes, these people oversee the needs of patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care. This may involve bathing, feeding, grooming, mobility, and communication.

Finding certified nursing assistant jobs can be relatively straightforward online. There are plenty of domains centered around job listings in numerous industries and those for these positions will be listed like any other.

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Unlike other nurses, a CNA is not a licensed professional, which limits the types of health care or treatment they can administer on their own without the oversight of a physician.

In order to make the most money in your local CNA job, you may have to redefine your definition of “local.” You could, of course, work extremely hard at your job to deserve a raise, but there are states in the western U.S. that flat out pay more on average for this type of work. Denver and Los Angeles, for instance, are two cities whose jobs in CNAs pay over twice that of other states for the same work.

While the price of living may be higher out west, there is always a balance that can be found between money earned and money saved.

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