How to get the Best Online Health Advice

Health advice

If you are looking to get some good advice or health help then going online to get it is the popular thing to do in today’s modern society. You have to keep in mind however, that though the Internet is a great way to get health advice you cannot always believe everything you see online. The Internet is a mine field of questionable sources, misinformation, and outright fraud in some cases. The Federal Trade Commission has released some tips to let you know if you are getting read health advice or if you are being taken in instead. Below we will talk about these tips so that you can get the best health advice online possible when you need it.

You should always consider the source when you are seeking online health advice. Only trust sites that are reputable, which mostly end .gov, these sites have the most trusted sources on the Internet and you can pretty much be assured that the information is accurate. You need to also keep in mind that not all .org sites or sites with fancy sounding institutes for names are legitimate, anyone can think up a name to put on the Internet.

Always buy your prescription medicines from licensed U.S. pharmacies. What looks like a reputable pharmacy could in fact be a scammer out to take your money or even someone looking to steal your identity. The best way to tell if an online pharmacy is legitimate is to check it NABP or National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Other ways to know if a pharmacy is reputable is that they should always require you to have a prescription, give you a phone number and physical address, and always have a licensed pharmacist around to answer any of your questions.

If you find a website offering to sell you prescriptions for less than places like Walmart and Costco be very leery as only the major stores can usually offer discount prices like these, the website is probably fake and you will not get your prescription and lose your money.

If a website seems too good to be true that is because it probably is. Avoid site that make big promises about the medicines on their site curing cancer or any other serious illnesses. If someone comes up with a cure for many of these diseases you can be assured it will probably not be sold on the Internet first.

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