Ibogaine Treatment Its Benefits, And Why You Should Consider A Detox Center


Addiction has always been a serious issue in the United States — but in recent years, it’s gotten completely out of hand, particularly in regards to opioid addiction. Opioid addiction is often linked to the use of serious “hard” drugs like heroin and meth — in fact, it’s estimated that 23% of people who use opioids become addicted to heroin. Not only are these drugs, obviously, illegal; they also can ruin people’s lives. If you’re dealing with an addiction to opioids — or any drug, really — you know how difficult it is to get clean. Even when a drug isn’t necessarily obtained illegally initially — like many prescription drugs — it can end up seriously affecting your daily life. OxyContin is a drug that many people go from using legally to getting on the street, in part because it’s a time-releasing painkiller. Rather than ingesting new pills every 12 hours, users get a staggered pain relief, in which the drug slowly releases itself into the body over the course of 12 hours. This can give people an amazing high — and lead to addiction. It’s believed that heroin and other types of opioids now kill about 27,000 people each year. If you don’t want to be one of those people, you need to make a serious change; this is often better accomplished through ibogaine therapy detox clinics than typical rehabilitation centers. Yet many people are unaware of what ibogaine is in the first place, let alone its many benefits.

What Is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine has long been used for various reasons across the world, but only recently have people become aware of its full benefits in terms of treating addiction. Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance that has always been appreciated for its psychedelic qualities. As we’ve come to understand the benefits of using safe psychedelic substance in treating psychiatric issues and addiction, it’s become more popular among detox centers. Essentially, those using ibogaine will go through two main phases. One is called the visionary phase, in which the user will go into a dreamlike state. This lasts for about four to six hours, and is often described as pleasant. The second phase is called the introspective phase, and often is therapeutic. Memories, life experiences, and even traumas can be confronted in a safe way during this phase. As many addicts use unsafe drugs to deal with trauma, part of the benefit of this phase is that such traumas can be confronted in a dreamlike manner. With that being said, ibogaine should be used at an ibogaine treatment center — not at random.

Why Consider An Ibogaine Treatment Program?

Ibogaine, like any substance, carries the risk of some adverse side effects if taken irresponsibly. Though ibogaine has been associated with positive detox results, any detox can be harsh on the body depending on the person’s individual system. Detox can cause withdrawal symptoms, such as shakes and fever. Therefore, a person always needs to be monitored during detox. For that matter, the best possible results are always found when a person approaches detox with the help of experts. Ibogaine therapy centers employ people who are ready to deal with any situation. Often, treatment centers also keep therapists or psychiatrists on hand, as well as addiction experts. Detoxing can be a difficult process for some, and the more help you have, the more likely you’ll be to experience the results you want.

Why Visit An Ibogaine Treatment Center Versus Other Detox Centers?

At the end of the day, the benefits of ibogaine versus other detox strategies is that it’s gentler on the mind and the body. You aren’t going to be screamed at or made to feel guilty; rather, you’ll be able to relax and process your life and what has led you into addiction. This will help you make permanent changes, and avoid relapse in the long term.

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