Is There a Benefit to Buying Your Eye Glasses Online Over In a Store

Buying prescription glasses online is becoming a trend in recent years; however, is there a benefit to buying your eyes in an online store you are better off with your local eye glass shop? Learn more.

Prescription Glasses Comparison: Bought Online vs. Bought In-store

1. Price. Many people buy prescription glasses online because they are cheaper than eyeglass purchased in a local eyeglass shop.

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PRescription glasses bought in-store range from $80 to $250 but can even reach a thousand dollars, whereas when bought online, they can even be purchased for $10! Better buy in a local in-store eye glass shop.

2. Accuracy. It is reported that most people who have bought their eyeglasses online have less accurate glasses than glasses bought in-store. When bought in-store, prescription glasses tend to be more accurate and go well within your range regarding the grade. Almost 90-95% is the accuracy when you buy eyeglass via in-store.

3. Quality. The quality of glasses bought in-store compared to online greatly varies from brand to brand, frame to frame, and lens to lens. However, glasses bought in-store tend to be more made of high-quality materials and durable, whereas glasses bought online are a hit-or-miss type of thing. But when you purchase an eyeglass online, be sure you are at the right page and search for reviews whether they have good ratings.


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