Leveraging Urgent and Emergency Care Under One Roof

emergency care

Minor injuries like hitting your fingers with a hammer are common in the country. The same applies to serious medical emergencies like car accidents. In a country with organized and distinguished medical facilities, patients are caught in a dilemma when figuring out where to seek medical attention. One wonders whether to seek medical attention from a nearby emergency care facility or the common walk in clinics.

It is difficult for an ordinary patient to determine what works best. Seeking medical attention from walk in clinics is fine, but the accident could be severe, leading to a waste of precious time when visiting a nearby emergency care facility would have been a better decision. If you often find yourself in such situations, why don’t you consider a hospital with emergency care and urgent care center under one roof?

Eliminate Confusion

Emergency care is only necessary when a condition is life-threatening, while urgent care provides medical attention to the issues that are less severe. However, it is not upon you to determine whether a condition is life-threatening or not. Thousands of people have played down a medical condition only to find themselves in dire situations several minutes later.

Therefore, when you have a medical condition, and you’re confused about the facility to visit, move to a hospital that offers both urgent care and emergency services under the same roof. Physicians at these facilities will diagnose your condition and send you to the specific wing that is capable of attending to your medical concerns. Avoid taking matters into your own hands when there are professionals who can bear the burden.

Quick Access to Medication

Every person wants to get immediate medical attention to alleviate pain and recover within a short period. Urgent care centers provide immediate medical attention to all the patients who visit their facilities. You don’t have to book an appointment with your doctor so that you can be treated. This is an essential advantage, especially to those people who are experiencing critical health situations.

Nevertheless, accessing medical attention without booking an appointment with your doctor does not guarantee quick recovery and pain alleviation. You need to get the attention of a physician immediately. When you head to a walk in clinic, and the doctor discovers that your situation is critical, you will immediately be transferred into emergency care within the same premises for immediate attention.

Current statistics from the CDC show that only 8.7% of emergency room visits are confined to hospital admission. This means that a considerable number of people visiting emergency care centers are diagnosed with issues that are not life-threatening to warrant hospitalization. Quick access to medication will determine whether you need hospitalization or not.

Experienced Medical Experts

There is no doubt that any urgent care center near you has some experienced physicians who will offer the necessary medical attention when needed. They have been trained to handle any health issue that needs immediate attention though not life-threatening. Visiting an urgent care facility does not mean that an amateur clinical officer will assist you. You will be dealing with experienced physicians who have been in the medical community for many years.

However, you cannot ignore the fact that any emergency care center has some of the most sought out medical experts in the country. Emergency rooms handle critical care scenarios when life is at stake. This explains why experienced and knowledgeable medical experts work in such facilities. When you visit a facility that has both emergency care and walk in clinics, you will leverage the knowledge and experience of these experts working under one roof.

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