Medical Marijuana The Panacea for Mental Health

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When it comes to treatable illness–arthritis, epilepsy, chronic pain–there exists a solution: medical marijuana. While finding the right medical marijuana doctors can be time consuming and difficult, it is possible. And it might give the person asking for it the pain management that they need.

Everyone who has smoked, or smoked significantly, knows that marijuana has pleasing effects. There is a certain sense of good will, a sense of belonging, a warm sensation, an out of body experience, that allows the smokers of marijuana to become more relaxed and in tune with themselves and nature.

It helps especially for those suffering from chronic pain and mental illness. Chronic pain can be characterized as continuous pain from a cause that never seems to alleviate. Chronic pain can come from cancer, arthritis, epilepsy, mental illness, or many other kinds of diseases and afflictions.

For those suffering from mental illness, medical marijuana may help with the somatic sensations caused by schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and many others. These illnesses, while not seen as physical generally speaking, can cause aches and pains, burning sensations, feelings of being out of control, and more.

Anxiety disorders are in fact the most common mental illness in America, affecting 40 million adults aged 18 or older (18% of Americans). It is an incredibly demanding set of illnesses that threatens sufferers with disability and difficulty.

Common subsets of anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, which has been described as a faint feeling of anxiety no matter what the situation; social anxiety, which is anxiety that occurs during social situations; and panic disorder, which causes panic attacks that make the sufferer feel like they are having a heart attack.

Some anxiety sufferers may turn to marijuana as a solution for their illness. Because they suffer from anxiety, fear, and panic attacks, either in specific situations or no matter what the situation is, they may turn to something that relaxes them, gives them a good will feeling, and makes them feel pleasurable while undergoing the symptoms.

It is a similar situation to people with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder, previously called manic depressive disorder, is defined as a mental illness that has both extreme highs and lows of mood. The highs in this case are called mania. The lows in this case are called depression.

While bipolar disorder is known for its outbursts and strange behavior, it is difficult to get into the mind of the person if the person looking does not have bipolar disorder and to see what is happening. It can make it very difficult for a person to empathize or sympathize with the individual who is suffering.

A person with bipolar disorder may experience racing thoughts in the mood of mania; or suicidal thoughts in the mood of depression; or crippling lethargy, hyperactive movement, or any mix of symptoms in mania and depression if the episode the person is going through is called a mixed episode.

As in the case of the anxiety sufferer, some sufferers of bipolar disorder may turn to marijuana for a pleasure feeling, a “leveling” feeling, and a feeling of goodwill. It is possible for marijuana to negatively influence an individual but a person may feel like it is benefiting them.

As in all cases for people with mental illness, only a small percentage of doctors would co-sign the use of marijuana for treatment of mental illness, though it is possible. Most would advise to stay off the green bud instead of smoking it. Still, that doesn’t stop many people living with mental illness to turn to that road.

It even helps people with somatic sensations. People with a somatization disorder may turn their feelings into physical signs, such as a burning sensation, a crippling sensation, a tingling sensation and others. People with painful somatic sensations may feel like marijuana helps them to cope, as their symptoms are difficult to treat.

Finding local medical marijuana doctors and legal medical marijuana can be difficult. Not all states have legalized medical marijuana for its applications in practicing to reduce symptoms related to chronic pain and other conditions. Finding the right medical marijuana doctors is critical for safety needs.

Finding the right medical marijuana doctors is crucial for better health and to have an array of options to treat your symptoms.

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