New Hair Restoration Techniques Create a Natural Hairline

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There are many different types of hair restoration treatment but not all produce similar results. For people suffering from hair loss, a second layer of emotional and physical scarring can result from the remedies they try to stop the process. Botched jobs, false promises and similar negative experiences compound an already difficult situation. However new techniques of hair transplant like FUE are making it possible for more people to regain a natural looking hairline and head of hair.
FUE has many advantages over older types of hair replacement: it is quicker and complicated procedures can be completed in one day; it does not leave large scars; the end result is natural looking. If loss of hair means loss of confidence, regaining your hair can mean regaining your confidence and positive attitude to life.

Hair loss is natural and traumatic
Hair loss is a natural process. Known medically as Androgenetic Alopecia, common male pattern baldness (MPB), causes most of the hair loss – more than 95% – in men. Hair loss naturally begins in the thirties and by the time they are 50, most men will have noticeably thinning hair. Hair loss is not always visible to begin with and up to half of the hair on a man’s head could be lost before it becomes noticeable.
Hair loss is a natural process but that doesn’t make it any easier to bear. Even knowing that in the United States alone, they are around 35 million men dealing with hair loss doesn’t prevent individuals from experiencing negative emotions when they first notice their own hair loss. These negative emotions can include panic, anxiety, depression, and loss of confidence. The consequences of hair loss are far-reaching, affecting all aspects of an individual’s life and work.

New hair restoration methods offer hope for many
FUE hair transplant has many advantages over traditional methods. Hair loss specialists have developed the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant procedure, in which groups of 1-4 hairs are extracted and then then transferred to the site that needs hair, most commonly the hairline. FUE procedures typically take around eight hours. The patient is given a local anesthetic but can move around, take breaks, and listen to relaxing music. They can even take a lunch break if necessary.
Not only is the FUE transplant procedure easier and quicker than older forms of hair restoration, the grafts take in a few days. The redness heals in four or five days and there are no major scars. FUE also has few to no complications, and there are no risks of infection.

Restoring hair and restoring your confidence
Patients who have undergone FUE hair restoration procedures are pleasantly surprised by the results. With a natural looking head of hair, they feel like their own selves have been restored. Many have come to FUE after trying other treatments, because they are dissatisfied with the results achieved so far. A consultation with a hair clinic can help to determine if you are a good candidate for FUE hair restoration.

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