Sniffling child? Head to a Seattle walk in clinic

Urgent care burien

Have something that needs urgent medical attention but don’t think it’s serious enough for an emergency room visit? Head to a Seattle walk in clinic for rapid attention. Medical clinics Seattle are there to fill the gap between seeing your regular doctor and the immediate care of the ER. With the average child catching between six and 10 cold a year, waiting to see your regular doctor can mean waiting a week. Not fun to have a cold lingering in a cranky child when medical clinics Seattle can see you now!

Medical clinics Seattle are not new fly by night businesses. In fact, the urgent care movement started in the 1970s in the U.S., but the concept now has grown around the globe given the fact that only 29 percent of primary care doctors have after hours coverage. It’s not difficult to find a walk in clinic seattle when you need one, most are open long hours and throughout the weekend.

Think you broke a bone but aren’t really sure? With almost seven million bones broken in the U.S. alone every year, it might be time for you to find urgent care clinic Seattle. They’ve seen it all before! If it is really broken, medical clinics Seattle can take care of minor breaks themselves. There are many medical clinics Seattle including urgent care kirkland, urgent care Lynnwood WA, and urgent care Renton. Washington urgent care is ready to help you with your urgent yet non emergency medical needs without waiting a week.
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