The Benefits of Using Proton Therapy for Breast Cancer Treatment

Proton therapy for prostate cancer

Breast cancer can be a difficult thing for an individual to struggle with. Many people are unsure of the various treatments that are out today, and which ones are most beneficial. Although chemotherapy is a commonly used treatment, there are other options, including proton radiation therapy. A breast cancer doctor might suggest this to their patient, if they are open to trying other means of medicine, and do not want to spend time on something that is not working for them. Here are three benefits for trying proton cancer treatment for someone seeking breast cancer care.

Treatment Does Not Take a Long Amount of Time

Chemotherapy can sometimes take a long amount of time for anyone to go through. With proton beam radiation, the treatment generally does not last a long amount of time, usually less than an hour. This is to ensure the treatment delivers the protons to the tumor, although that actually process only takes a couple of minutes. Because patients are not spending as much time in a hospital or medical setting, they might find this treatment less distressing, since it is for such a limited amount of time.

Proton Therapy Finds the Exact Location of a Tumor to Deliver Medicine To

Unlike other traditional treatments, which may kill healthy cells along with cancerous cells, proton therapy only focuses on the part of the body that is dealing with the cancer. For patients under the care of a breast cancer doctor, this means that there is almost always no radiation that comes in contact with their heart, making if safer for them to have the treatment. Less than 50% of the treatment comes in contact with the lungs, allowing them to stay healthy as they look for a way to complete cancer treatment.

Proton Therapy is Being Offering in More Hospitals and Treatment Centers Across the United States

Because of the positive effects of proton cancer treatment, more hospitals and treatment centers are starting to offer it. In 2015, almost 100 treatment rooms that would be used for proton therapy, were being built. That number continues to increase as individuals learn more about this option, and seek out hospitals that can provide it to them. In an effort to remain competitive, more hospitals are beginning to provide this so that all patients may have access to it.

A breast cancer doctor may suggest proton therapy to an individual who they feel could benefit from it. The treatment does not take as long as other cancer treatments, and is known for delivering the exact amount of radiation needed to the specific location of the cancer cell. More hospitals are starting to offer this as an option for patients by building treatment rooms where the proton therapy can be delivered. Overall, this will serve patients by offering them more choices when it comes to treating cancer and getting the results they are looking for.

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