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In recent years, premium brand eye wear seems to have become as much of a fashion statement as a means to improve one’s vision. It was not too long ago when younger people would choose to wear contact lenses, while older folks would opt for traditional glasses. Now, it seems as though more people of all ages are choosing to wear eyeglasses, and some are discovering the benefits of purchasing them online.

To most Americans, the idea of purchasing prescription eyeglasses online probably seems like a novel and convenient choice. In reality, many of them are reluctant to do so, because they prefer to try on a few pairs before buying. However, surveys show that more than 95 percent of eyeglasses wearers who have purchased frames and lenses over the internet were pleased with their experiences.

Although not being able to try on their eyeglasses before buying is a legitimate concern, the advantages of buying eyeglasses online far outweighs any perceived disadvantages. After all, buying prescription glasses through a brick and mortar store also has its limitations.

The most obvious advantage of buying glasses online is the extensive selection of premium designer eye wear. When shopping for glasses at a local eyeglass store, customers’ options are limited to the brands and styles that each store has in stock. This is far from the case when shopping for prescription eye wear online, where shoppers can browse every style and shape from Americas best eyeglasses brands.

Another significant benefit of shopping for eyeglasses online is customer services. While there are certainly plenty of local eyeglasses stores that offer fine service, online eyeglasses stores view customer satisfaction as their top priority. Furthermore, the nature of online eyeglass retailers provide their customers with a level of expertise that is unmatched by local eyeglass stores. And since online eyeglasses stores realize that some customers will be concerned about the size and fit of their eyeglasses, their websites provide customers with user friendly instructions to help them get a great fit.

Online independent eyeglasses retailers are always a wise choice for more discriminating eyeglass wearers, because they always offer the widest selection of the premier designer eye wear. For this reason, Frames Direct, and similar retailers, sells more than 50 percent of Americas best eyeglasses that are priced over 100 dollars.

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