The Facts of Clear Braces vs Metal Braces

Braces were popular among young kids, most prevalently those aged ten to fourteen, until recently. More adults are becoming interested in orthodontic treatment. Two types of braces are most popular among different age groups. Clear and metal braces. Several patients prefer clear braces as they are less visible than metal alternatives.

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They are made of translucent materials. Some even have tooth-colored wires to make them more discreet. Clear braces are generally more comfortable for orthodontic patients. Because the materials are not abrasive, they will not irritate your gum tissue or the sides of your mouth. After a few weeks of wearing ceramic braces, you should feel no pain.

Despite the growing popularity of clear options, metal braces continue to be the most popular option. Children commonly wear them, particularly those receiving NHS treatment. However, in recent days, adult clients requesting orthodontic treatment also prefer them. Metal braces are extremely durable and provide excellent control due to the components’ strength. Metallic braces are not so prone to discoloration because they are made of darker materials. This is an area of concern with colored braces. However, the discoloration can be avoided by brushing after each meal.

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