The Importance of Sterilization in Veterinary Offices

In pretty much every process where a patient or customer will be touched by a professional the process of sterilization is required for proper business. Included in these is the veterinarian. Therefore the importance of the veterinary sterilizer exists for all customers and their pets around the world.

The Autoclave for Sterilization

The autoclave is one of the most common sterilization units for all sorts of tools, including veterinary. One of the primary functions of the autoclave is to sterilize all medical tools with heat. With direct heat, this can take a little while, as the sterilization process requires a temperature of about 270 degrees. For continued sterilization autoclave repair and maintenance are essential. This ensures the sterilization process will continue properly. Lack of maintenance and operator fault are the most common reasons that autoclaves fail. This is not a good thing, given the 46.5 million surgical procedures that take place annually in the United States.

The Statim or Instant Steam Sterilizer

Much smaller, compact enough to fit in patient rooms or care spaces, the statim sterilizers can work much quicker and help keep the tools that may be needed in immediate or emergency situations sterile. Both the statim 2000 and statim 5000 are available based upon the specific needs of the medical facility and the types of patients they care for.

More than Medical and Veterinary Sterilizers

We have already recognized the need for medical and veterinary sterilizers. Another location in need of sterilization is the tattoo and piercing parlor. This is definitely important because the tattoo sterilizer ensures that any bacteria or microorganisms on a needle can last up to a week. Tattoo sterilization equipment is important, especially with multiple artists using the equipment on several customers the sterilization process is important.

Sterilizer Repair and Maintenance

Again, one of the greatest reason to make sure sterilizers are repaired and maintained properly is the number of Americans who have received some sort of work from a tool that requires sterilization. Again, there are about 46.5 million surgeries annually in the United States. Additionally, there are already over 21,000 tattoo parlors, and likely many more to come. And, at least 45 million people in the U.S. already have at least one tattoo, and many people get at least one more.

The sterilization process initially dates back to about the mid-1800’s when it was found that by heating or boiling products to at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit bacteria will be killed instantly. Then there was the additional need to kill viruses and other microorganisms that have developed in our environment, along with all the illnesses in growth. The standard autoclave was developed and the entire process has continued to grow from there.

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