The Latest Surgical Procedures Rely on Many Specific Digital and Laser Techniques

When your daughter announced her junior year in high school that she was going to be a surgeon you knew that she would be in for a long list of classes, courses, and labs. What you would never have realized, however, was that she would eventually be specializing in a process that relies on a very specific bone graft delivery system. After years of school and several internships, she found something that she loved more than the operating room that she first imagined. She found a cone graft delivery system that would help a wider range of patients in a wider range of procedures.

Bone grafting technology allows today’s surgeons to help patients recover from any number of procedures. And while the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that there are 38,600 surgeons working in the U.S. today, not all of them are skilled in the the latest bone graft delivery systems.

Finding the Right Surgeon and Procedure Can Help Many PAtients Get Back to Living a Normal Life
When was the last time that you needed to rely on a surgical procedure to help you get back to the activities that you love or the job that you need. Consider some of these facts and figures about the many times when the latest bone grafting procedures can help surgeons and their patients, as well as some of the other most common facts about the entire medical industry:

  • 6.8 million Americans use assistive devices to aid their mobility and there are times when surgery can help all of these candidates live a more full life.
  • A 16-year study of 2 million bone graft patients realized that there is a trend from traditional bone graft to bone graft substitutes in the U.S.
  • Bone fractures typically heal in two to 10 weeks, but some bone grafting technologies can help these procedures be more successful.
  • One of the most common reasons people receive bone grafts is for multiple fractures that do not heal properly on their own.
  • Another one of the most common reasons that people receive bone grafts is for fusion to help two bones heal across a damaged joint.
  • Another common bone graft use is for bone regeneration following disease or injury.
  • The final of the fourth most common reasons that bone graft technologies are used is for healing bones following the implantation of medical devices such as joint replacements.

If you are someone you love is considering a future career in surgery it is important to make sure that you are ready to support a lengthy education that will be both complicated and complex. From mastering the latest technologies like bone graft delivery systems to staying up to date with other techniques it is important be ready to learn everything that is needed to stay in the top of your field.

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