Three Benefits of Proton Therapy for Cancer Treatment

Advanced cancer treatment options

Brain cancer treatment has come a long way in recent years, as has the treatment for all types of cancer. Cancer specialists use proton therapy to target cancerous tumors in a very precise way. With this type of therapy, patients are able to receive a very powerful treatment without being damaged in places that are not affected by the tumor.

Proton therapy for cancer offers an option for treatment that is more effective than most methods that have come before it. At the beginning of 2015, there were over 30 particle centers being built worldwide. These centers totaled somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 treatment rooms. There are many benefits of proton cancer treatment. Here are three.

1.) The treatments are very focused.

Proton radiation therapy is a type of radiation therapy for cancer treatment that focuses on a very specific point in the tissue that has the cancerous tumor. With conventional radiation therapy, the radiation does not stop at the tumor but goes on beyond it. With proton therapy for breast cancer, you can count on no radiation to the heart, on average, and about 50% less radiation to the lungs when you compare the treatment to conventional ones.

2.) The treatment sessions take less time.

With other conventional methods of radiation, treatment could be long and drawn out. With proton therapy, brain cancer treatment, and most other cancer treatments can be quicker and easier. Appointments for treatment sessions usually last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, but the actual time spent in the proton delivery to the tumor is only about one or two minutes.

3.) The treatments result in fewer recurrences of cancer in prostate cancer studies.

When it comes to brain cancer treatment, breast cancer treatment, or the treatment of many different forms of cancer, proton therapy is showing itself effective in not only the shrinking and vanishing of tumors but also in giving cancer sufferers back their lives.

Because proton therapy has a very targeted approach to destroying tumors, recent studies have found that prostate cancer patients have shown a greatly reduced risk of impotence. In addition, 94% of men treated for prostate cancer with proton therapy reported they were still sexually active.

Not only are men continuing to be sexually active after proton therapy for prostate cancer, they have shown very little recurrence of cancer even after their five-year follow-up.

The battle against cancer rages on, and every new piece of technology and discovery of a new treatment method we be tested and tried as the next effective weapon against this disease. Proton therapy is leading the way in the reduction of tumors and in the stimulation of the body to fight cancer wherever it is.

With proton therapy, the treatments are focused, they don’t take up your life to the point where you have no time to actually live, and they have been proven to be very effective in wiping out tumors. Talk to your doctor today.

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