Three Ways of Relieving the Physical Effects of Stress with Heat Wraps

Lavender heat wrap

For many people in the workplace, stress is a very real thing that affects them on a daily basis. According to the National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health, 40% of all workers in the United States report that their job is “very or extremely stressful.”

There are many different reasons that a job might be stressful, of course. It might be physically demanding, punishing your body in a physical way as you go through the paces every day. Your job might also be very mentally stressful, where deadlines need to be met and a lot is riding on whether you get your daily work goals accomplished.

People miss work because of stress. It builds up and affects your health in significant ways. Two-thirds of men and women say that their work affects their stress levels and 25% of workers take a “mental health day” now and again as a result of their stress. When you add it all together, one million workers miss work every day as a direct result of stress.

Carrying that kind of stress–whether physical, emotional, or both–can take its toll on your body in many different ways. Being mindful of your stress levels and doing small things at home to counteract them could not only be good for your health, in general, but also for your work.

Here are three things you can do to help manage the physical effects of stress on your life.

1.) Use a shoulder heat wrap.

When you get stressed, one of the places it shows up most significantly is in your shoulders. That is why a nice shoulder rub from your loved one can feel so good after a long day at the office or on the job. One of the best ways to relax the shoulders is to use a shoulder heat wrap. A nice warm wrap around both shoulders and on the neck relaxes the muscles, easing the discomfort that stress can bring on.

2.) Apply heat therapy to your lower back.

The lower back can be a big-time target for stress, especially if yo u have a job that keeps you at the computer all day long. A heated back wrap, like the shoulder heat wrap, might be the exact thing your body needs in order to fend off muscle tension and alleviate the stress of your day. Applying heat to the lower back relaxes the muscles and when your lower back is relaxed, the rest of your body will follow. Taking care of your lower back is one of the keys to staying healthy.

3.) Get some sleep.

You might think that a shoulder heat wrap or a lower back pad might take care of everything, but that simply isn’t the case. If you do not get the sleep you need, not much you are doing in the way of wraps will do any good in and of itself. Quality sleep is something that cannot be overstated.

If you find you cannot sleep through the night, get up and do something relaxing, preferably not involving a television screen, a computer, or a phone. Read a book. Take a short walk. Have some milk. When you feel tired, try to sleep again. Try not to agonize over falling asleep but, rather, allow sleep to come to you. Relaxation will lead to quality sleep, and quality sleep will lead to a healthy and happy life.

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