Tips For Healthy Living Septic Maintenance

Doing septic maintenance on your property can save you tons of trouble in the future. You’ll avoid unnecessary plumbing jobs and keep horrible smells from getting into your home. Designing Spaces uploaded a video on their Youtube channel called “How to Maintain your Septic System Safely” where they explain everything about keeping your system in top shape.

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Tips to Keep In Its Best Shape

One of the worst things that could happen to your system is a septic clog, and it can get expensive. So, you should avoid the use of certain cleaners, soaps, and even drain line openers. Additionally, never pour oil or grease down the drain. Another tip is never to flush paper, cigarette butts, pills, paint thinners, etc.

Moreover, every single septic tank should get an inspection every three years, and sometimes, you’ll have to pump it. But you should check the laws of your area to see if they recommend doing it more often.

Finally, you can add oxy-tabs to your system, which increases oxygen and bacteria to help break down the waste you flush or pour down the drain.

It’s easy to follow these tips. Not doing so could lead to serious problems that will create headaches and financial strains on your family. Watch the rest of the video for more details!


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