Understanding Physical Therapy

The most important thing to remember with physical therapy is that it is a conservative care system of treatment. It uses ultrasounds, traction, yoga, and exercise to expand your range of movement and treat pain, diseases, deformities, and injuries.

There are three levels in physical therapy that are observed simultaneously to achieve the best results. The first thing physical therapists do is decrease pain, restore function and eventually increase the quality of life.

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Physical pain inhibits our activities of daily living (ADL) like sleeping, walking, and jogging, among others. These conditions lower our quality of life and make it impossible to enjoy our time. Physical therapy will include stretching, strengthening, and body coordination to restore your normal functions.

Once pain is reduced, and functions are restored, the overall quality of life improves and becomes more fun and enjoyable. Minor back pain could turn into immobilizing pain. When in that condition, physical therapy is your best bet. Athletes, sportspeople, and olympians all employ the services of a physical therapist to keep their bodies in top shape. In the event of an injury, it pays to have immediate care available.


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