Urgent Care in Denver CO

Urgent care denver co

Urgent care is a fast growing trend in the healthcare industry. In the US alone, there are almost 7,000 urgent care centers. Urgent care Denver clinics offer a wide range of services to area residents.

Urgent care centers are gaining in popularity because they operate on a walk in basis. These walk in clinic Denver generally have much shorter wait times then being seen in an ER and do not require prior appointments as is the case with a physicians office. Denver urgent care facilities are used by patients who are needing medical attention, but not in a serious enough state to warrant a visit to an emergency department.

Urgent care Cherry Creek and urgent care denver locations are not usually open 24 hours a day, but they do offer extended business hours and weekend care. Only around 30 percent of primary care doctors offer after hours care. Patients can also be seen at urgent care if they are uncomfortable seeing their family doctor, like if they are needing STD testing Denver.

Denver health clinics offer a better value for patients than the long wait times and high cost of ER visits. If you are seen at urgent care Denver facilities you can receive treatment for many illness and non life threatening injuries. Urgent care denver clinics may be the right choice for your medical needs.

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