What Are the Most Common Practice Areas in ENT Centers?

facial surgeryIf you’ve ever been to an ENT doctor or taken your child to a pediatric ENT, you might have wondered what exactly these medical professionals do. Ear nose and throat doctors, as the title suggests focus on treatment of conditions localized to the ears, nose and sinuses, and throat. That means things like ear infections, throat issues, and even sleep apnea treatments are all covered under their study.

But for a more comprehensive idea of what these professionals do, here is a list of their most common practice areas:

Facial Surgery

Facial surgery and plastic surgery are both fields that an ENT can cover. They can look at cosmetic and reconstructive cases and evaluate the best possible way to treat them, whether that be a non-invasive treatment or an extensive alteration through rhinoplasty and facelifts. In fact, rhinoplasty was the third most common cosmetic procedure performed in 2016, and a great many of them were performed by trained ENT surgeons.

Head and Neck Surgeries

The surgery doesn’t stop at the nose or the face, either. Persistent ear and throat infections are some of the most common ailments that a pediatric ENT will face. They are often called on to treat severe illnesses as well and are equipped to handle trauma and neck infections. ENT doctors can treat diseases of the skin, airways, and everything between. These can include thyroid diseases and parathyroid diseases. They also work with professional vocalists to help protect the vocal chords.

Nasal and Sinus Care

If you experience severe allergies then an ENT doctor can help you. They are trained in the latest technology to ease and even eradicate the burden of sinus issues and allergy-related problems. These procedures can include medications and immunotherapy to control the underlining causes of the illness. In addition, ENT doctors offer surgeries that can help clear sinus issues and help patients achieve higher quality breathing.

An ENT doctor is one of the most diverse practicing medical professionals in the business, offering both the treatment of illnesses and the ability to perform cosmetic surgeries. For questions concerning facial surgery, sinus issues, and everything relating to the ear nose and throat, an ENT doctor is typically where you’d go.

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