What Can I Expect During And After My Botox Treatment?

More than 90% of the visible changes to a person’s skin that are attributed to aging are caused by the sun, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Fortunately, for those who’d like to try it, Botox can help to reverse these skin aging effects.

Botox is an injectable drug that helps treat certain muscular conditions. In fact, Botox is not only used for wrinkle treatment but also excessive sweating, migraines, and eye twitching.

But what can you expect from a Botox treatment?

What can I expect during my wrinkle treatment?

Botox can be used to stop wrinkles from forming. It can also help relax the muscles in the face to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles you already have.

Because the treatment is injectable, many folks are worried that the treatment will hurt. But this isn’t the case. The needle used during this wrinkle treatment is very small, which makes the injection process feel more like a pinch or prick than a shot at the doctor’s office.

What’s more, the needle isn’t going into any veins. So those who are scared of needles can rest assured that the treatment isn’t as nerve-wracking as they might think.

What can I expect after my wrinkle treatment?

After your wrinkle treatment, you can expect the areas around the injections to be slightly raised with bumps for a few hours. There may also be some mild bruising around the area, but this isn’t the case for everyone.

After a few hours, the bumps will disappear. And if there’s any bruising, it’ll often go away within 24 hours.

You’ll start to see the results of your treatment over the next seven days. The change is gradual rather than immediate. But some folks will see results within 48 hours.

What does it feel like after the treatment?

The first time you receive your wrinkle treatment, your skin will feel a little restricted.

Some folks have described the sensation as odd with a small pressure on the head. But many people will experience less restriction during their second treatment.

Where can I schedule wrinkles treatments for sensitive skin?

Whether you have sensitive skin or not-so-sensitive skin, you can schedule injectables for wrinkles, forehead lines, and frown lines with Allure Medical Spa. To learn more about our FDA-approved treatments for wrinkles and fine lines, contact Allure Medical Spa today.

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