What is Hot Stone Massage?

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Hot stone massage is a massage where the therapists uses smooth, heated stones by either placing them on the body or using them with their own hands, while they massage other parts of the body. The treatment is supposed to be very relaxing, and will take away all of your aches and pains, according to hot stone massage sydney therapists.

The practice of hot stone massage was actually invented by Native Americans who warmed rocks in the fire to relieve the aches and pains of muscles. A recent study and a ton of research suggest that hot stone massage may be better for you than you think. It is also believed that hot stone massage sydney therapists, along with other therapists, can use the massage to relieve the symptoms of PMS.

It is also interesting to note that a 2009 study found that a 30 minute massage helped to relieve tension headaches and even took care of some of the stress and anger that can be associated with a pounding headache. There are also pregnancy massage Sydney therapists and remedial massage Sydney therapists to help you as well.

Lymphatic drainage massage sydney therapists can tell you that lymphatic massage is used in the treatment of lymphedema, which is an accumulation of fluid that builds up after lymph nodes are removed during surgery or after a woman has a mastectomy. Studies also show that in women who received hot stone massage
Sydney treatments by weekly for as little as five weeks showed that hormones such as norepinephrine, cortisol, stress hormones, were reduced and levels of dopamine and serotonin were increased.

Whatever the reason for you using hot stone massage Sydney treatments they should be well worth the bother. Hot stone massage is good for about anything that ails you and is very relaxing as well.

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