What to Expect Out of Breast Reduction Surgery

If you have a large breast size causing you pain and discomfort, breast reduction surgery may be for you. This surgery, however, can be aesthetic or necessary depending on the patient. Regardless of the reasons for receiving the procedure, the process remains the same.

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Watch this video to hear from a plastic surgeon about what you should know about breast reduction surgery.

A breast reduction lifts the breast, makes the dark area around the nipples smaller, and the breast itself smaller. The surgery should be covered by your health insurance, with copays being your responsibility. Sometimes, an insurance company will encourage you to try other options to reduce pain before turning to breast reduction surgery. A breast reduction surgery will leave scars above and below the nipple, but there are certain techniques that can be done to reduce these scars.

Depending on your needs, about half the volume of your breast tissue will be removed, which is usually seen as a two-cup reduction in bra size. Surgery will take around two hours under general anesthesia, with a recovery time in the hospital of around four hours. They suggest a break from work and exercise for two weeks. Pain following the surgery is found to be manageable with medicines such as Motrin or Tylenol.


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