What To Know When Getting Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Although getting a testosterone replacement therapy for men having low testosterone levels is becoming a trend as of late, people should have the proper knowledge about this procedure to ensure whether what they’re doing is right for them or not. Learn more if you want to know what are the mechanisms used to deliver a testosterone replacement therapy

Different delivery mechanisms done by a testosterone replacement therapy clinic:

Oral therapy: Although it is not highly advised anymore, it is one of the first mechanisms used by a testosterone replacement therapy clinic. It is not recommended because it puts strains on your liver as it takes a considerable amount of time before the liver breaks it down.

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However, oral therapy is still used but have some caveats to it. As long as you only deal with proper doses, this option is good. Still, this decision is up to you.

Cream, topical, or gel: does not pose any promising results regardless of gender. It takes a longer amount of time to be absorbed by the body due to the mechanism. The risk of cross-contamination is highly prevalent as application areas are on the upper thigh regions and abdomen.

Injectables- men typically feel the change when it is in the form of injectables compared to other treatments. However, there are a lot of factors to it, such as doses are higher or the inadequate capability of the body to absorb.


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