What You Need to Know About Anonymous STD Testing

If you are a sexually active individual, it is especially important that you keep up to date with STD testing. Unfortunately today, a lot of unnecessary stigmas still exist around this topic, but getting tested for STD is as important as a check up in your primary doctors office. Multiple options exist for testing, and if you are worried about keeping your identity secure, anonymous STD testing is available. If you don’t know about it, you should, in addition to all the options available to you.

The Difference Between Anonymous STD Testing and Confidential.

A confidential STD testing means your name is listed on the test results. It will then be visible to your insurance company and doctor, as it is documented in your medical records. However, no one else will have access except for you. This is the standard practice for all medical documents. Anonymous STD testing, on the other hand, means your name is not listed, instead you will be given an ID number. No one except you will ever see the results, they will only ever be available to you. This can have benefits, especially if someone is in a delicate situation, or living with parents from whom they want to keep the information hidden from.

Testing is Available in Many Forms.

STD testing at home is also available, and is fully confidential, with the option for anonymity as well. This is a good choice for people who either can’t get to a clinic, or would rather conduct testing on their own. The process associated with this is usually along these lines:

  • The testing required is determined by a self administered checklist. This list will help identify your risk factors for specific STDs, and from there the system will begin building your own personalized STD testing kit.
  • Your test will then be delivered to your home discreetly, and in an unmarked package. This kit will have everything you need to collect testing samples, and then return the specimens to the designated testing center.
  • When your results are determined, the center will contact you in whichever method you’d specified. If the clinic has a website, you may even be able to login online and view the results on there.

This form of anonymous STD testing is easy and convenient if you’re unable to make it to a nearby health clinic. It can even help alleviate some of the stress associated with testing, as everything is conducted in the comfort of your own home.

Where Else Can I Get Tested?

If you have a primary healthcare provider, you can talk to them about your options for getting tested. They may conduct tests in their offices, or they will be able to refer you to a location that does. There may also be a number of walk in clinics around you area that you can go to, no appointment necessary. Additionally, you can go here and enter your zip code to find the nearest testing center to you. This site also gives you the option to sort providers by free and low cost options, which is an amazing option you should definitely take advantage of.

If you are sexually active, even if you don’t show any symptoms of having contracted an STD, you should still be tested. It is recommended that any time you engage in unprotected sex that you get tested within 1 to 2 weeks, and then once more 90 days after. Even with the use of protection, it is recommended to be tested if you’ve had multiple partners, just to be certain. Being tested regularly can help give you peace of mind, and keep you healthier in the long term. Furthermore, anonymous STD testing options make it is possible to get tested, no matter your situation, and with the added security of knowing that your identity is completely hidden.

STD testing shouldn’t come with a stigma, and getting tested for them should be as normal as a check up at the doctors. Take advantage of the options available to you, and take charge of your sexual health.

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