When Is Physical Therapy Really Necessary?

If you’ve recently been injured, you might be considering trying to manage recovery on your own, particularly if you know your own pain thresholds are on the higher end. While this is entirely understandable and might seem like an easy way to cut down on medical costs, there can be potentially serious consequences of avoiding physical therapy. If you’re experiencing any of the following situations, you should look into physical therapy or rehab options sooner rather than later.

You Don’t Have The Right Tools For Recovery

Recovering from an injury is hard work, and it requires the right physical therapy equipment. Having the right rehab tools and systems at your disposal can be vital in making a full recovery following a serious injury. If you don’t have access to physical therapy equipment yourself, you’ll want to seek out a therapist or other professional who can assist you.

Your Pain Is Getting Worse

If you’ve got all the right physical therapy tools and you’re using them properly, you should be noticing improvement. If you see no improvement in your discomfort, or if your pain gets even worse, it could be a sign that you’re using your physical therapy equipment incorrectly. Having a professional to monitor the rehabilitation process can be incredibly helpful in avoiding worsening pain.

Your Movement Is Limited

Some injuries, depending on the location and severity, can limit your range of motion. Not every injury will have this consequence, but a limited range of mobility can be a sign of a serious issue or an injury that isn’t healing properly. Physical therapists will have access to a variety of range of motion testing solutions that can help you track your overall progress on increasing your range of motion. Physical therapists can also recommend specific activity types that will help increase your range of motion comfortably. Engaging in just 10 minutes of physical activity every day can help you improve mobility and live longer.

When you’re injured, having access to a physical therapist with all the right physical therapy equipment can make a huge difference in your recovery. For more information on rehab tools and systems that can help improve your health, contact JTech Medical today.

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