Who Benefits From an Upright MRI?

In this video, viewers get to see the Vista Health upright MRI scanner. Upright MRI machines allow radiographers to take scans while the patient is sitting, stood, or in the position that causes them pain.

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Let’s take a look at who can benefit from this type of scanner.

Claustrophobic patients: Some patients panic at the thought of being closed into a tunnel MRI scanner. Open, upright scanners help alleviate this fear. There’s no sense of being shut in or trapped, and they can simply walk away after the scan.

Anxious patients: People with anxiety about medical tests may struggle to remain still while in a conventional MRI. They may also cancel tests rather than go through an anxiety-inducing experience. Because the open scanner allows patients to see around them and sit or stand however they want, this can help ease some anxieties.

Those with mobility difficulties: Some patients may find it uncomfortable to sit or lie down. Standing MRI scans could make this procedure far more accessible for them. Utilizing upright MRI machines makes the procedure appropriate for more patients.

Vista Health’s upright MRI scanners help patients with numerous situations. They’re an option for differently-abled people and those with anxiety. Ultimately, it’s about supporting patients to give them the best care possible.

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