Why Physicals Are Essential

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Every year, one of the most important things you do in order to protect and maintain good health, is to visit your doctor for a check up and a physical. While the physical takes place, the doctor will check your eyes, ears, nose, and heart amongst other things. While many people view physicals as only something that matters for young high school students that want to participate in sports, they are much more important than most know. Understand that more than a quarter of all Americans and two out of every three older Americans have multiple chronic conditions, and treatment for this group of people makes up 66% of the entire United States health care budget. Medical tools that many people do not know about very much so help the doctors and nurses take care of patients. Tools such as stoma covers, a cotton roll, tubular bandage, certagen, and a dejerine reflex hammer. The dejerine reflex hammer is incredibly important, for reasons we will get into later on in this article. All of these types of unknown tools, like the dejerine reflex are very important inside of hospitals and clinics for a number of reasons.

There are plenty of things that a doctor can find out by giving a patient a physical. For instance, every single year, there are about 1.4 million American diagnosed with diabetes. Also, Americans over the age of 65 and older with diabetes is a high percentage, coming in at 25.9%. Thirdly, urinary incontinence increase with age from 14% in individuals aged 65-69 years to 45% in those aged 85 years or older. These types of visits to the doctor become more and more increasingly difficult as time goes on and as you become older. The older you are, the more important your health is in terms of health concerns. Understand that out of all citizens 55 years or older, about 90% of them are at risk for hypertension, or high blood pressure. Also, keep in mind that women are much more likely to develop hypertension than men are. Hypertension truly only affects around 64% of all men over the age of 75. These types of things can be found at in a physical where tools such as the dejerine reflex hammer, are used on patients to check on any types of diseases. I know, the name dejerine reflex hammer sounds funny, and might seem like it does not belong in a hospital but trust me it definitely does. As a matter of fact, dejerine reflex hammer and other types of reflex hammers. These reflex hammers are used to tap the knee of a patient to test the patients reflexes and reaction timing. This can help determine important information for the doctor.

There are scary parts of the hospital that may make a patient uncomfortable. After all, not everyone is a fan of syringes and needles. It is always important to remember, though, that there are important and life saving tools used at hospitals all over the country and all over the world as well. These tools include the dejerine reflex hammer and all other types of reflex hammers that test patients reflexes and reaction timing.

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