Why You Should Have Your Rug Cleaned

Rugs are a common feature in many homes. They add extra color and flair to our homes while providing contrast to solid color flooring. There are plenty of great reasons to get a rug. However, that nice rug may actually be hurting your health. Learn why by watching this video.

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Rugs are great at absorbing water similar to a sponge. Unfortunately, this makes them especially susceptible to growing mold. This is because mold grows well in a damp and moist environment. However, most indoor rugs don’t get wet. The issues normally arise when a flood or leak occurs. This dirty water then seeps into the rug which holds the moisture. If not cleaned quickly, this moisture can lead to mold. This is why you want to look into cleaning services right after a flood. Mold is especially bad for your health. It shares many symptoms with allergies and often goes unnoticed because of this. However, mold can lead to respiratory issues if not treated. This can be especially bad for people with underlining conditions such as asthma. Even those without asthma will find themselves coughing and sneezing. Plus, there is often a musty smell in the air.


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