Why You Should Move Your Parents to Assisted Living

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Assisted living care could be the answer to everyone’s problems. The caregiver typically does have a sense of guilt, especially if they are sending their parent to live at senior living facilities. If you are the caregiver than you should realize that nursing care homes and senior homes are not something you should feel bad about. You are doing your parent a favor by allowing them to get out of under your control and live the most independent way they can in assisted living care. Moving them to an assisted living home could repair strained relationships and give your parent back the sense of personality and character that they once had. Let’s look a little deeper in to each of these things.

Restoring Independence
When your parent lives at home, it can get difficult. They don’t like you taking care of them just as much as you don’t want to. If you are finding that your parent is becoming verbally aggressive, that could be a sign of dementia but it’s also a sign of frustration. An elderly person usually knows that they are getting older and it saddens and frustrates them. It’s not that they don’t appreciate you and all that you are doing but think of it this way, they gave birth to you and fed you and clothed you. They were the ones taking care of you and meeting your needs for your entire life. You may feel like it’s the circle of life and now it’s time for you to take care of them but they see it as a failure on their part as a parent. No parent wants to have to depend on their child. Most assisted living care facilities have round the clock help available but are careful to give their residents the independence that they so desperately want and need. Your parents may prefer someone else taking care of them so when they do see you, you’re not helping them tie their shoes or take a shower and they can enjoy the visit by being able to nag you about your personal life and make sure you’re eating enough and washing behind your ears, just like they always have in their role as parents.

Repairing Relationship
If your parent lives with you there’s a chance you could be frustrated or they could be and the relationship has become very tense. As mentioned, early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease could equate out to verbal and sometimes physical aggression on their part which will only make things worse between the two of you. If you continue to live together, this tension and aggression will only worsen with time. Being able to get a break from each other is much needed so that’s how you can justify assisted living care. You can go see them, and you should, as often as you can but those times that you can not are a much needed break for both parties. It’s nice to miss each other instead of wishing each other was out of each other’s hair. Having that restored relationship in place will help you to remember the good times with your parents and will help to see all that you are trying to do to help them out.

Revitalizing Routine
You were probably told by your parents’ doctor that routine is very important for your parents. This is true but with your work schedule and your kids’ practice schedules and the husband coming home late from work, a schedule for your elderly parent will living with your family can be difficult. Your family is totally find working around each other and taking it day by day but your parents needs the stability of a routine. Assisted living care facilities have certain times for meal times, game time, recreational time, physical activity and sleep time. This will help your parent make sure that they eat, bathe and get the physical activity that they need, every day.

So, if you are having a hard time thinking about moving your parent into assisted living, remember these points and also, keep in mind that it will much better for them and much more enjoyable for the both of you in the long run.

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