Why You Should Use Diabetic Portion Control Plate

The amount of food you eat every day determines how effectively you can manage diabetes. Some patients also need to lose weight because being overweight increases insulin resistance in the body. The diabetic portion control plate helps you lower the number of calories you take daily automatically. By watching the foods, you eat the blood sugar levels remain under in control.
To make work easier, you can buy portion plate to help you downsize your servings. This plate ensures you eat the right amount of food all the time.

So how does the plate look?
The American Diabetes Association recommends a plate that allows you to eat more vegetables than starchy foods. You should also include lean meat to give you a balanced diet. If you cannot afford a special plate, draw a line in the middle of one of your ordinary plates and split one half into two. Half of the diabetic portion control plate should always be full of non-starchy veggies such as cauliflower, carrots, spinach among others. Fill a quarter of the plate with proteins, which can be tuna or turkey.
The other quarter should contain starch, but healthy ones such as potato or whole grain bread. Your breakfast plate should also comprise similar portions. Oatmeal, a teaspoon of peanut and a banana are good examples of foods to start your day. Remember to include plenty of fruits and low-fat dairy in your diet. Unsaturated fats also keep you looking healthy and will not trigger increased sugar levels. Having a healthy meal should not be complicated or costly, you have to make healthy choices, and you will not have problems with sugar levels. Make use of the many diabetes education posters available online t create a healthy menu.
In the US, it’s easy to find information on how to eat appropriately and lower glucose levels. This country ranks at number 38 among the top 40 world’s advanced nations in science majors annual graduations. This means health education products on healthy eating are readily available.

How a diabetic diet helps your body
A balanced diet gives you good health, and apart from lowering blood sugar levels, the diabetic portion control plate reduces inflammation in your body, enhances the amount of healthy cholesterol in the body and improves your overall body immune.
In addition to keeping glucose levels under control, a meal portion plate will also prevent complications such as a heart attack, a stroke, kidney diseases and many others by keeping your body healthy.The male reproductive system ae mostly affected and when the sugar levels are not controlled properly, it can lead to impotence.

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