5 Astounding Benefits of Laser Hair Removal You Might Not Have Considered

While body hair is a completely natural occurrence on the human body, many men and women would prefer to be totally smooth and hairless. It’s no surprise, then, that cosmetic industry figures show that laser hair removal is actually the most popular aesthetic procedure for women under the age of 35 and the second most popular for women over the age of 35. But while the main reason to undergo hair removal treatment is pretty obvious, there are actually some additional benefits of this type of procedure that might surprise you. We’ll explore those benefits below.

  1. It may increase your confidence: Whether you simply forgot to shave or you’ve always had prominent body hair, you may have felt embarrassed in the past when you look at your arm, leg, bikini line, or chin. Although you may know there’s nothing to be ashamed of, you may still feel self-conscious about this persistent body hair — and sometimes, it may keep you from living your life to the fullest. When you opt for laser hair removal treatment, you’ll be able to wear a bathing suit with confidence and never have to worry about someone passing judgment. That’ll allow you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, no matter what the season.
  2. It will save you money: You might not realize just how much money you currently spend on razors, shaving creme, waxing strips, tweezers, and other hair removal products. But if you itemized it all, it would really add up. Instead of replacing your razor blades and making regular salon appointments for maintenance, you can achieve more permanent results — and a more balanced budget. While the investment for laser hair removal is a bit more up front, it’s a lot more cost-effective in the long run to see your local dermatologist for these treatments than it is to continue spending money on over-the-counter, conventional products that aren’t as effective.
  3. It could also save you time: You won’t just save by expensive shaving and waxing items from your shopping list. You’ll also save precious time in your morning or evening routine by having your body hair removed. You won’t have to fuss with tweezing your eyebrows in the morning, shaving your legs in the shower, or waxing your bikini line at the salon. Although these tasks don’t take up hours at a time, the truth is that even an extra five minutes can make a huge difference in your day. It could mean you have more time to enjoy that first cup of coffee, to run an errand, or to reduce excess stress in your life.
  4. It should eliminate pain and frustration: Even if you’ve been shaving, tweezing, and waxing for years, it’s still often painful — both physically and emotionally. Shaving can lead to ingrown hairs and little red bumps, which can sometimes cause discomfort. And if you’ve ever nicked yourself shaving, you’ll know how irritating that can be. Of course, waxing and tweezing can also be quite agonizing. And the frustration of missing a spot, over-plucking, or dealing with subsequent redness and skin irritation can often add insult to injury. But opting for hair removal treatment at your dermatologist’s office will alleviate these occurrences in the future.
  5. It can be used almost anywhere: You may be accustomed to using a different hair removal method for various areas of your body. For example, you might use a tweezer for your brows, waxing or a tiny shaver for your upper lip and bikini line, and a razor for your legs and underarms. Not only will you be required to spend time and money on these methods, but it’s just plain inconvenient to have to deal with a different treatment method for each spot. But by choosing laser hair removal treatment, you’ll have an opportunity to remove unwanted hair from any part of your body using the same means. And while you may not be able to have every area treated at one time, you will be able to go in knowing what to expect — superior results.

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