5 Facts About Laser Hair Removal

An advanced and popular treatment for removing hair is laser hair removal. It can be used on patients of all ages but is mainly common with patients between 20 and 45. The following facts about laser hair removal can help shed more light on this controversial technique.

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Laser hair removal performs better on particular skin and hair types. Hence, a laser hair removal specialist must assess the skin and hair type to determine whether you qualify for the treatment. Secondly, laser hair removal requires a series of treatments for it to be effective. Complete treatment includes five treatments spaced within five weeks, allowing for new hairs.

Thirdly, there are many different types of laser hair removal, so it is advisable to inquire about the kind of laser utilized on your skin. While some perform best on darker skins, others can be used on all skin types. Fourth is that laser hair removal is permanent, there is no regeneration of the hair follicles. Fifth, insurance does not cover laser hair removal, with its cost varying based on the area size and the number of treatments one will undergo.

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