Can Lasers Be Used to Clean Teeth?

Laser dental cleaning continues to be a popular treatment that dentists employ to address oral problems. This laser orthodontic treatment differs from the typical dental cleaning since using specialized dental equipment is unnecessary. To get rid of plaque and tartar accumulation, specialists use an enhanced dental laser with light radiation.

The laser acts as a vaporizer or a cutting tool during surgical or dental treatments as it improves the effectiveness of the bleaching agents applied in a teeth-whitening operation.

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Some dentists use lasers to treat oral conditions such as lesion removal, gum disease, and tooth decay. Additionally, lasers are fantastic for accelerating teeth-whitening operations.

The dentist cleans below the gum line using the laser without pulling back the gum tissue to reveal the dental roots because the laser can cut through soft and hard tissues. All that is required is for the dentist to direct the laser to a specific spot, eliminating the tartar and plaque present.

Compared to the traditional method, deep cleaning teeth with a laser is far kinder to the patient since it causes minimal bruising, bleeding, and discomfort while shortening the healing time. After their deep cleansing procedure, many patients can resume their regular diets within a few days.

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