5 Mistakes to Avoid While Distance Riding

People throughout the United States certainly love their bicycles. In fact, statistics gathered since 2005 found that there’s been a 46% increase in the number of people riding their bicycles throughout the United States. Considering that, many of these individuals utilize a bike for the purpose of distance riding. Before taking your first distance ride, it’s easy to make mistakes. Learning how to avoid these mistakes is incredibly beneficial. With that in mind, here are five mistakes to avoid while biking for long distances.

  1. Putting Off Distance Riding Practice

    If you’re going distance riding without any prior practice, it’s likely to result in disappointment. While biking is a great way to get around, distance riding certainly requires endurance. In order to avoid this, begin practicing weekly riding. This helps you to build up more cardiovascular endurance. You’ll find this pays off in a major way while you continue to train.
  2. Avoiding Regular Maintenance Checks

    Statistics show that there are over 1 billion bicycles in the world, twice the total of automobiles. Much like automobiles, it’s important that bicycles receive regular maintenance checks. Performing these checks helps to ensure that you don’t deal with any bicycle mishaps before leaving your driveway. If you notice unusual about your bike, consider taking it into the shop.
  3. Not Bringing Along Emergency Supplies

    It’s always best to be prepared for anything. If your bicycle looks like it’s ready for the road, it’s important to bring along an important supply. With that in mind, be sure that you have an emergency tire patch kit. It only takes one nail or sharp object to puncture your tire. If you have an emergency patch kit, you’ll be able to get back on the road.
  4. Neglecting to Keep Your Body Fueled

    Riding a bike is one of the best things to do for your health. In fact, a recent study by the British Medical Association reported that those who cycled for 20 miles each week reduced their heart disease risk by 50%. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to reap those benefits if you’re keeping yourself properly fueled. Bring along plenty of water and a few snacks for any bicycle rides over an hour.
  5. Riding on an Uncomfortable Bike Seat

    Nothing ruins a day on your bicycle faster than seat related pain. Bike seats need to be comfortable, especially for those distance riding. If you’re wanting the most comfortable bike seats, look for those offering relief for the perineal area. These anatomical bike seats conform to the shape of your body. Many riders feel they’re much more comfortable than factory seats.

In closing, you’ll want to avoid a few important mistakes before distance riding. If you don’t feel your bicycle is ready for distance rides, it might be time to upgrade the equipment. Many riders report feeling pain directly where their seats are located. Therefore, consider upgrading your bike seat. Bike seats that are anatomical are made to form to the body’s natural shape. In turn, many begin to enjoy distance biking without pain stopping their ride.

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