5 Mobility Scooters You Should Consider Buying

In this video, we’ll show you what we think are the best mobility scooters available on the market and what makes them so recommended in the first place.

Vive 4-Wheel

The Vive 4 Wheel is the perfect unit for those who want to navigate indoors with ease and comfort, as the Vive 4-Wheel reaches a maximum speed of 3.7 mph.

Pride Travel Pro

If you need an endurable and easy-to-maneuver mobility scooter that performs well in outdoor spaces, the Pride Travel Pro is your best option.

Drive Medical Phoenix

This mobility scooter is the perfect option for those users who weigh over 300 pounds and need a trustworthy unit that can fulfill all their needs.


The Buzzaround is the go-to mobility scooter for the outdoors enthusiast, as it has large wheels that can deal with numerous types of terrain effortlessly.

Metro Mobility USA Patriot

Go through narrow spaces without any issues and always feel in control of any terrain with the metro mobility USA Patriot, a mobility scooter that can satisfy all your mobility needs while keeping you safe and sound.

These are our picks of the most recommended mobility scooters. For more information, watch out our video.

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