An Interview with Rick H. Cabados of Life Ionizers

For 17 years, Life Ionizers, under the leadership of President and Founder Rick H. Cabados, has been on a mission to provide health alternatives to drugs and surgery. We sat down with Mr. Cabados to talk about his unique product.

Mr. Cabodos, could you share a little about your product with us?

We educate people about the health benefits of purified, alkaline mineral water that our machines produce. We design the machines in the USA and then have them manufactured in South Korea. We sell through hundreds of individual sales representatives like doctors, chiropractors, and individuals who have been helped by the water. We also sell factory direct throughout the world as we are in 23 countries with corporate offices in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

How did you prepare for this kind of work?

I was married to an alternative doctor and set out to provide alternative health care products. I have been an entrepreneur all my life, well at least from age six. I have had a variety of businesses from a health clinic to manufacturing water purification equipment. I attended San Diego State University with a major in Social Economics and a minor in Business. I have owned my own businesses since I was 21. At 21, I owned five retail stores while attending SDSU. I have owned a large ticket brokerage company, a State Certified organic farm, a retreat center, and other businesses.

That’s a very impressive resume! What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Finding the right people to work with. I was able to bring in my daughter from our European division to be our Vice President of Marketing and my oldest son to be the Vice President of Sales.

Life Ionizers is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA at 6352 Corte del Abeto. For more information about the company and its products, visit

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